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Sunday School Curricula for 2017-2018

We have chosen a variety of engaging and educational curricula for each age group in our Sunday school program.

Nursery (Six months to 3 years)
   This is a very important place, for it is here that our children have their first important experiences within our church. It is carefully staffed and equipped to be a warm, welcoming, and secure place away from home.

   This Unitarian Universalist curriculum, Celebrating Me and My World, begins by celebrating the wondrous qualities of our children themselves and expands outward to the things and people around them. This program provides preschoolers with experiences and opportunities to grow their sense of trust and caring and to develop their self-identity and their sense of connectedness with all of life.
   In addition, every second Sunday of the month, our preschoolers will be making cards for Meals on Wheels.

Kindergarten-Grade 1
   Around the Church, Around the Year is a curriculum about our UU community─its people, buildings, and rituals. By the end of the program, our children will know much about the physical and social life of the church, have the beginnings of an overall understanding of our faith, and have explored their feelings about themselves and their relationship to our religious community.
   In addition, aligning with their curriculum, every second Sunday of the month, our K-1 students will be engaging in simple service projects for our church community.

Grades 2-3
   The curriculum, Free to Believe, explores our UU principles through hands-on activities, stories, games, songs, and discussions. It also explores the answers offered by UU sources to big questions about life and death, spirit and God, and the beginnings of the world and life.
   In addition, every second Sunday of the month, our 2nd-3rd graders will be making blankets to donate to Project Linus.

Grades 4-5
   Our curriculum for the year is called We Believe. This curriculum focuses on learning and living our UU principles. The program uses the praxis model of education to introduce each UU principle in a creative and fun way and uses art, games, songs, skits, and discussions to help the children internalize each principle and reflect on how they can live as Unitarian Universalists in our world.
   In addition, every second Sunday of the month, our 4th-5th graders will be making animal treats and toys for the ARK animal shelter.

Junior High
   The first curriculum that our junior high youth will experience is called, Fighting Invisible Tigers. It is a curriculum which tackles stress management for teens, which is becoming more and more important in our sometimes turbulent society.
   The second of the two junior high curricula for this year is entitled Race for Justice. The ultimate goal of this program is to work toward eliminating racism, “beginning with ourselves as we are.” It rests on a foundation the worth and dignity of the participants and encouraging them to affirm the same in others within the group and beyond. Race to Justice celebrates human diversity as a positive, enriching fact of life.
   In addition, our junior high students will be deciding on a “Walking Our Talk” service project to engage in every second Sunday of the month.

High School Youth Group
   This year the high school group will be choosing their own curricula from a variety of resources available through the UUA and fellow UU churches, which are intended to enrich our UU youths' experience of our faith.
   In addition, our high school students will be choosing charitable and/or social action projects to engage in throughout the year.