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Sunday School Curricula for 2018-2019

We have chosen a variety of engaging and educational curricula for each age group in our Sunday school program.

Nursery (Six months to 3 years)
   This is a very important place, for it is here that our children have their first important experiences within our church. It is carefully staffed and equipped to be a warm, welcoming, and secure place away from home.

   This year's preschool curriculum, Chalice Children, delves into our Unitarian Universalist faith. It strives not just to teach about our faith, but also to provide experiences around the strength of community, the wonder and awe that transcend everyday understanding, and life issues we all share.

Kindergarten-Grade 1
   During the beginning months of the church year, we will be offering the youngest level of the UUA's Our Whole Lives Sexuality program to our kindergarten and first graders. This level educates our children about babies, bodies, birth, and families. A parent orientation will be held beforehand and participation in the program is voluntary.
   For the rest of the year, the Love Surrounds Us curriculum will help our children explore the 7 Principles in the context of Beloved Community of family/home, school, and neighborhood. Participants engage in activities that emphasize the love they feel in community.

Grades 2-3
   During the first half of the year, in the Love will Guide Us curriculum, our 2nd-3rd graders will learn to seek guidance in life through the lens of our Unitarian Universalist Sources, with an emphasis on love. Sessions apply wisdom from our Sources to help participants answer some important questions. Participants will learn that asking questions is valued in Unitarian Universalism, even as they begin to shape their own answers to life's big questions.
   Next, the curriculum Moral Tales explores with our children the spiritual and ethical tools they will need to make choices and take actions reflective of their Unitarian Universalist beliefs and values in a complex world, where they are often faced with difficult decisions and situations.

Grades 4-5
   This year's first curriculum, Love Connects Us, celebrates important ways Unitarian Universalists live our faith in loving, covenanted community; and how we embrace our responsibility toward one another and the world at large and encourage one another's search for truth and meaning. It focuses particularly on peace-making and other efforts to improve our world.
   In the later part of the year, we will be offering the middle elementary portion of the UUA OWL Sexuality program to our fourth and fifth graders. This program will help our 4th-5th graders to gain the knowledge, life principles, and skills they need to understand and express their sexuality in holistic, life-enhancing ways. A parent orientation will be held beforehand and participation in the program is voluntary.

Junior High
   Our junior high youth will be exploring the curriculum, The Questing Year, which engages youth in four quests designed to help them seek and develop their own answers to deep life questions about human faith and the web of all existence. Connected through social action and spiritual search, the Mystery Quest, the Inner Quest, the Action Quest, and the UU Quest are all challenging and fun.

High School Youth Group
   This year's high school curriculum, A Place of Wholeness Youth, will help our youth explore how to talk about what it means to be Unitarian Universalist. Whether delivering an "elevator speech," taking part in an interfaith dialogue, or conversing with friends at the lunch table, youth need practice in describing our multifaceted faith in terms that are personally meaningful and true. This curriculum also encourages youth to look inward for a clearer understanding of their personal faith and guides them to express that faith outward into the world.