Third Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30 PM (will not meet in December)

Facilitators: Various
Location: Conference Room

Overview: In these gatherings, we explore the new purposes and meanings that arise in all our lives as we age. Our meetings include learning, listening, gathering, and sharing. Each month a guest presenter discusses a specific topic, followed by a discussion of one chapter of the book Ageless Soul by Thomas Moore. We invite you to take part in this interesting and affirming group discussion. Think about substituting the word “essence” for soul, and consider the possibilities of incorporating all your thoughts and experiences, from early childhood memories to your current life, into your understanding and appreciation of people of all ages and life experiences. See the Builder newsletter for more information about upcoming meetings.

Thank you to Jeanette Gruber for her valued discussion at the November meeting re-garding the need to be aware of digital scams throughout our society.

There will be no meeting in December, but we look forward to beginning the New Year with an award winning 3-part series on Women and Spirituality that explores the power of the sacred feminine in a mythological, historical and cultural context.

January 21: Part 1- Goddess Remembered: We will view Part 1. A beautifully filmed and narrated salute to 35,000 years of prehistory to the values of ancestors and the goddess worshiping religions of the ancient past. It investigates the relationship between women and spirituality from ancient times to the present. A selected group of Women’s Studies scholars, spiritual leaders and educators guide us through and explain the link of the loss of goddess-centered societies and today’s environmental crisis. They discuss the value of an interconnected life system with respect for the earth and “the female” as fundamental to our survival. Following this viewing, we will have sharing and discussion.

February 18: Part 2 – The Burning Times

March 17: Part 3 – Full Circle