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This is a Searchable Database of the Books that the UU Library has to lend.

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  2. When you find a Book, Email or Call Ruth Rademacker at 309-202-0506 to check if it’s available
  3. Arrange a Time with Ruth to exchange the books

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30 Items Matched.
1.366 Readings from Islam
Van De Weyer, Robert
4.American Muslims: Facts vs Fiction
Unity Productions Foundation
5.Beyond the Veil
Mernissi, Fatima
8.Essential Sufism
Fadiman, James & Robert FragerEds
Williams, John Alden Ed
11.Islam and the West
Lewis, Bernard
12.Nine Parts of Desire
Brooks, Geraldine
14.Struggling to Surrender
Lang, Jeffrey
15.The Crisis of Islam
Lewis, Bernard
16.The Elements of Sufism
Haeri, Shaykh Fadhlalla
17.The Essential Koran
Cleary, Thomas
18.The Holy Koran Interpreted
al-Jibouri, Yasin T Ed
19.The Koran of Mohammed
Sale, George
20.The Muslim Jesus
Khalidi, Tarif
21.The Next World War
Jeffrey, Grant R
22.The Quran
Khanam, Farida Ed
23.The Qur’an
Shakir, MH Translated by
24.The Shambhala Guide to Sufism
Ernst, Carl W PhD
25.The Suicide of Reason
Harris, Lee
26.The Veil and the Male Elite
Mernissi, Fatima
27.Understanding Islam
Lippman, Thomas W
28.Unveiling Islam
Caner, Ergun Mehmet & Emir Fethi
29.While Europe Slept
Bawer, Bruce
30.Who Speaks for Islam?
Esposito, John L & Dalia Mogahed