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A voice of progressive religious tradition since 1843
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Welcome to the Universalist Unitarian Church of Peoria, Illinois. It's not easy to sum up our church in a few words, but a good place to start is with our mission statement:

• Embracing Freedom
• Loving Inclusively
• Growing Spiritually
• Healing Our World

We offer you the freedom to follow your own path to spiritual and religious truth. Everyone is welcome in the spirit of inclusive love and acceptance. Here you can grow spiritually in a caring, supportive community. And you can help heal our world by getting involved in community and global outreach.

If this sounds like something you'd like to know more about, we invite you to explore our website. You'll find lots of information about who we are and what we offer. We welcome your interest and extend a sincere invitation to visit our church.

Photo of Universalist Unitarian Church, Peoria, Illinois

Universalist Unitarian Church of Peoria
3000 W. Richwoods Blvd.
Peoria, IL 61604

Services and Church School
10:30 AM Sundays
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Social Impact
Loaves and Fish
Every second Saturday at 9:30 AM
Contact: Shelly Thomas
Loaves and Fish is a program offered by the First United Methodist Church downtown at 116 NE Perry. Volunteers serve a noon meal; also food for the guests to take home is available, clothing, if needed, and a medical clinic. The number of guests vary from about 250 to 350 people, and there are usually about 50 volunteers. The guests are quite appreciative, and the ambience created by the guests and volunteers is rewarding. Join our church volunteers on the second Saturday of each month. Come just one time or on a regular basis.
We Are Unitarian Universalists
Watch this short video to learn more about our UU faith
Recorded Sermons
Upcoming Services

Sunday, November 17, 10:30 AM
Pay Attention
Amy Popp, CRE
In a world with exponential information growth, we need new filters, new ways to discern and pay attention to what matters, and the best spam filters the internet has to offer will not suffice. We need soud filters...the problem is not the quality of the information around us, but the quality of our own atttention, and our lack of careful discernment. Anything can be worthy of our attention if we have, with care, found it to be so. Anything can be a distraction if we are not mindful. We will explore together this concept of paying attention.
The choir will sing.
Share the Plate: Central IL Friends of People with AIDS

Special Events
November 1, 7pm
Violin and Piano Recital
Marcia Henry Liebenow, Concertmaster of the Peoria Symphony, and virtuoso pianist, Andrea Molina, will play selections by Beethoven, Brahms, Smetana, Amy Beach, and Gwyneth Walker.
Saturday, November 2, 6p-7:30p Social time, Silent Auction, Food & Drink ; 7:30p-9p Live Auction
An Amazing You Be UU Auction
Auction at the UU Church
Cost is $20 per person
Wine and Beer for a donation
Food provided by local restaurants
November 8, 7pm
Pipe Organ Birthday Party!
100 years ago, on November 2, 1919, our organ was first played publicly at its dedication held in the church on Hamilton Blvd. On November 8th, we will be treated to the same dulcet tones heard that day at a recital by Keith Williams of Buzard Pipe Organ Builders. The recital will be followed by a reception. Everyone is invited to the party!
Adult Religious Education
Church Wide Read and Discussion
Thursday Oct 17 and 24, 7pm
Book discussion for White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo full info

Conscious Aging
Tuesday October 15, 9:30-11:30 am
Nancy Venzon will be explaining the concept of Co-Housing developed as an alternative to the current system of aging in America. full info

A Course in Miracles
Sundays, 8:45-10:00 AM
The Course states that a universal theology is not possible; there exists different, yet valid, pathways to the Truth. full info

Dependency & Addictions
Contact the office
If you have interest in AA, Al-Anon, or Alateen, contact the church office at 309-688-5608.

Grief Support
Contact the office
 When we have a loss in our lives, grief is not optional; it is natural and inevitable. full info

Humanist Perspectives
First Sundays, 12-2 PM
What differences and compatibilities do humanists share with theists, free thinkers, skeptics, agnostics, atheists... full info

Native American Spirituality Gathering (Council at Pimiteoui)
Typically Second Sundays, 12:30 PM
If you are interested in the Sunday afternoon group, please contact the church office at 309-688-5608 for future meeting dates. full info

Wisdom Circle
Third Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 PM
In these gatherings, we explore the new purposes and meanings which arise in all our lives as we age. full info