What We Offer

A church is more than a building, or even a collection of people. It’s a community that can help meet your spiritual, intellectual, and social needs. (And your physical needs too, just come to one of our potlucks!) You’ll find plenty going on at our church—not just on Sunday, but all through the week. We have programs and activities for kids, adults, and all ages; for large groups and small groups; and for a wide range of interests. We are involved in helping our community and the world. And of course, we extend caring support to members and friends who are facing difficulties.

What do we offer that most interests you?

Adult Religious Education

Programs for Children and Youth

Community Outreach

Worship and Music

Summer Services

Ministry and Pastoral Care

Covenant Circles

Groups and Activities

Sunday School Programs

Honoring Our Loved Ones

In our congregation you’ll find families with children, singles, couples, teens, kids, retirees—people of all ages, income levels, and walks of life. A few of us are lifelong Unitarian Universalists, but most came from other religious backgrounds. We have a wide variety of personalities and interests, too.

You don’t have to act, dress, think, or believe the “right” way to fit in here. You’re welcome to come as you are.