Our Governance

Our church is a self-governing, democratic community. The Unitarian Universalist Association offers helpful resources, but it does not make decisions for our congregation. We make our own decisions through the democratic process.

Organizational Structure

The ultimate authority in our church is our members. In open congregational meetings, voting members use parliamentary procedure to elect officers, approve the annual budget, and make other major decisions. At least two such meetings are held each year.

Board of Trustees
Church members elect a Board of Trustees to represent them. The board sets long-term policies and makes sure the church is on a path to fulfill its mission, vision, and goals. Board meetings are held monthly. Church members and friends are welcome to attend the meetings and are encouraged to read the meeting minutes.

Administrative Team
The administrative team consists of the minister, religious education director, office manager, and membership coordinator. These staff members meet weekly to make operational decisions in accordance with the policies set by the board. Each member of the administrative team also provides support to a cluster of program committees.

The creative work of the church is carried out by various committees. The board approves committee charges and appoints committee chairs. Any member or friend of the church may join a committee. Chairs of various committees may meet periodically to update one another, collaborate on common issues, and share ideas to enhance church life.


Our church is a nonprofit corporation. Our bylaws define our basic governing procedures, such as how one becomes a voting member and when elections are held. Download our bylaws.

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