Honoring Our Loved OnesĀ 

Memory Garden


Our Memory Garden, located at the east end of the parking lot,

includes a patio that can be used for small ceremonies.

Placing of Ashes of Loved Ones


The ashes of a deceased person who was connected to the church may

be placed on the land with the permission of the minister or the Board.

Guidelines as to where the ashes can be scattered are available from the office.

Documentation of the scattering is required.

Memory Book


Family members of those whose cremains are on the property may place information

about their loved one in the Memory Book which is found in the church sanctuary.

Wall Plaques

Church members whose cremains are on church property may be memorialized with

a plaque on the southeast exterior wall of the church. Family members pay for the cost of the plaque.

Preplanning is available for services, placing of ashes, and wall plaques.
Contact the office manager for the necessary forms and procedures.