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1.The New Jim Crow
Alexander, Michelle
3.The Third Reconstruction
Barber, Rev Dr William J with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
4.Deep Denial
Billings, Rev David
5.Between the World And Me
Coates, Ta-Nehisi
6.White Fragility
Diangelo, Robin
8.Ageless Soul
Moore, Thomas
9.God Is Not One
Prothero, Stephen
10.On Tyranny
Snyder, Timothy
13.Art as Experience
Dewey, John
McGee, Ratha D
16.I Dream A World
Lanker, Brian
17.A Religion for One World
Patton, Kenneth L
18.The Arts
Van Loon, Hendrik
19.Art & Religion
Vogt, Von Ogden
20.Stand In the Light
Voight, Thomas F
Bell, Pamela H & Jordan Simon
23.The Instant Tarot Reade
Farber, Monte & Amy Zerner
24.Feminist Tarot
Gearhart, Sally & Susan Rennie
25.The ABCs of Astrology and Astronomy
Grebner, Bernice Prill
26.The Day of Your Birth
Grebner, Bernice Prill
27.Tarot and the Bible
Heline, Corinne
28.The Royal Road
Hoeller, Stephan A
29.The Faces of the Moon Mother
Kryder, Rowena Pattee
30.The Astrology Book
Lewis, James R
32.The Medicine Wheel
Sun Bear and Wabun
33.All Gods Are Lies
Acquistapace, Fred
34.50 Voices of Disbelief
Blackford, Russell & Udo Schuklenk
35.The God Delusion
Dawkins, Richard
36.Atheism For Surviva
Hawthorn, Elwyn
38.The Atheist’s Bible
Konner, Joan Ed
39.Atheist Acrimonious
Mandell, David M
41.The Happy Atheist
Patton, Kenneth L
42.Atheism T
Smith, George H
43.God and the Folly of Faith
Stenger, Victor J
44.Can Man Live Without God
Zacharias, Ravi
45.Good News for Modern Man
American Bible Society
46.Beyond Hunger
Beals, Art with Larry Libby
47.Reading the Old Testament
Boadt, Lawrence
48.The Story of the Bible
Bowie, Walter Russell
49.Psalms Now
Brandt, Leslie F
50.Peculiar Treasures
Buechner, Frederick
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