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Offer Your Services

Who makes sure that the church's many programs and activities keep going? We have wonderful paid staff, but they can't do it alone. Members and friends of the church pitch in to help.

You can be one of them. Consider contributing your time, talents, and service in support of the church.

What You'll Gain

  • You can meet people and make new friends.
  • You'll make good use of your skills—and maybe even learn new ones.
  • Your fellow church members and friends will be genuinely grateful for your contributions.
  • You'll have a greater sense of ownership in church life.
  • Helping others just feels good!

Getting Started

We each have different gifts to offer. So the best place to start is to think about yourself—your interests, your skills, your ideas. What gets you energized? What do you really love to do?

We sometimes advertise particular needs in our newsletter, The Builder, or announce them on Sundays. But you don't have to wait for a "Help Wanted" ad. Check the list below for ideas, or come up with something new!

Then get in touch with the appropriate person. Usually that's a committee chair. Not sure who's who? Contact the office manager, membership coordinator or the minister—they can point you in the right direction.

Need Some Ideas?

  • Serve on a committee—we have many to choose from! (See a list of committees.)
  • Host a coffee hour.
  • Serve as usher or reader at a Sunday service.
  • Bring your gardening gloves to one of our outdoor work parties.
  • Lead an Adult Religious Education course.
  • Help out in the church office (preparing mailings, for example).
  • Sing in the choir.
  • Serve or clean up at a potluck.
  • Take photos at church events.
  • Tackle minor repair jobs.
  • Do whatever else you can think of to help!