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Summer Services

At our church, Sundays take on a slightly different character during the summer months.
  • We still meet at 10:30 each Sunday morning, but summer services tend to be more informal.
  • Our ministers are in the pulpit once a month during the summer. On the other Sundays we have lay-led services on a variety of topics.
  • Summer services include many of the same elements as our regular services, such as a greeting and announcements, readings, sharing of joys and sorrows, and an offering.
  • Our choir takes the summer off, but we have a pianist and sing a hymn or two.
  • Sunday school classes are not offered in the summer. Children may either attend the worship service with their families or enjoy supervised free play in the children’s wing. (Please sign in and introduce your child to the child care attendant.)

Summer Services for 2018

Sunday, July 1, 10:30 AM
Everything Must Change
Rev. Michael Brown
Everything changes. There is no escape from that reality. Today I will share some of my thoughts and feelings related to my upcoming retirement. Losses can be painful but new opportunities are waiting for us in the midst of change as well. The creative process goes on and on.

Sunday, July 8, 10:30 AM
Faith in America today, and my own spiritual journey
Bud Grieves
I will explore how my life experiences have shaped my faith and led me to the Universalist Unitarian Church.

Sunday, July 15, 10:30 AM
Theological Reflections on “Thoughts & Prayers”
Rev. Martin Wolfe
We’ve heard the phrase dozens of times, perhaps more-especially, after appalling man-made tragedies. Once, they may have offered a threshold of comfort, but to many, especially now, these words cause offense. Do only politicians say these words, or do mourners and ministers still recite them? What is the theological understanding implicit in such a phrase? Might these words still carry comfort in some situations, or is it time to retire them altogether?

Sunday, July 22, 10:30 AM
“Women on the Move”
Various locally active Peoria women
Come learn about women in the church, and in the workplace(s) of today, especially in various levels of local and state government. Allies are needed. All are welcome to hear of current philosophies and to help resolve current issues. Cinda Thompson (UU), Nancy Long (Peoria), Brittany Miller and Kat Modisette (Tazewell County) are planned so far. Not to worry; your input is welcome also.

Sunday, July 29, 10:30 AM
“Lab Coat” Meditation: How Observing Your Mind Can Make You Happier
Jean Sloan
If you could closely, and somewhat scientifically, observe your mind when it was actually in the process of being bored, happy, frustrated, angry or confused, would you be able to figure out how to adjust it to be happier more often? Let's put on our Buddhist lab coats and give it a try.

Sunday, August 5, 10:30 AM
Liberation Theology
Jack Ryan
"If it doesn't liberate, it isn't theology." Liberation Theology, what’s it all about? What happened to it? Why did the Ronald Reagan administration and the Vatican under Pope John Paul II conspire to destroy it?

Sunday, August 12, 10:30 AM
Local Environmental Concerns
Noted presenter, David Pittman, invited by the Council of Pimiteoui, in line with their environmental concerns.
David and his colleagues will present a program on two areas of concern in West Peoria—Horse Shoe Bottoms and Rocky Glenn. Ever explored either one? These heretofore “wild” and interesting areas have been the subject of much discussion. Come hear about the issues. Handouts and audiovisuals are planned.

Sunday, August 19, 10:30 AM
Reflections on Aging
BJ Lindsey
Growing older is a journey that can be filled with joys and fraught with challenges. What life lessons can we learn from people who have navigated the aging process? BJ Lindsey will share her own thoughts about growing older, as well as wisdom gathered from some of our congregation’s senior members.

Sunday, August 26, 10:30 AM
Rev. Michael Brown

Sunday, September 2, 10:30 AM
Rev. Lynnda White