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What We Offer
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Our Religious Education Mission:

• To help our children view the world in its broadest sense
• To introduce and investigate our UU heritage and principles
• To explore the religions of the world
• To stress and model the goal of ethical living
• To inspire the search for truth and meaning in every young mind
• To provide the tools children need to chart their own spiritual course
• To provide a safe haven for our children in which to share, question wonder, and feel good about themselves

Programs for Children and Youth

You've heard it so often because it's true: Children are our future. That's why we offer a variety of enriching programs and activities for the youngest members of our church community.

Our programs for children and youth are under the supervision of our Credentialed Director of Religious Education, Amy Popp. The Children's Religious Education (RE) committee and other church members assist in planning and carrying out the programs.

Take a look at this brief overview of our offerings for children and youth. Specific events are listed on our calendar and in the church newsletter, The Builder. For more information, contact Amy Popp or the church office.

Sunday School Classes

Structured, age-appropriate classes are offered for preschoolers through senior high students. Sunday school takes place during the worship service hour (from early September through early June). To learn more about our Sunday school classes, see this page.

Youth Group

Our High School Youth Group has been involved in social action projects, youth retreats, youth conferences, charity fundraisers, and lots more. The group meets at a variety of times and places.

Special Events

Throughout the year, the Children's Religious Education Committee organizes entertaining events for the whole family. Examples from past years include monthly game nights, an apple orchard outing, Halloween carnivals, bowling parties, holiday ornament making, and much more.

Nursery and Child Care

On Sunday mornings, infants and toddlers (six months up to 3 years) receive excellent care in our nursery. It is staffed and equipped to be a warm, welcoming, happy, and secure place.

During other church events, child care for ages 10 and under may be available (contact the event organizer for details). All of our nursery attendants and child care providers are well trained and carefully screened.