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Our Vision

What do we want our church community to be and do in the future? How will we achieve that vision? To answer these vital questions, in May 2011 our congregation adopted three vision statements to express our aspirations for the coming years. The board of trustees then adopted specific goals to help us move toward our vision, and these goals are updated on a periodic basis. Together our vision and goals guide our planning and activities.

Vision 1: We are a force for healing and social justice in our community.

Goal 1: Continue to be a center for education and dialogue on social justice.
Goal 2: Provide a direct impact on meeting community needs through strong social outreach programs.
Goal 3: Strengthen our commitment to social justice by publicly speaking and acting for justice causes that our congregation supports.
Goal 4: Improve communications with the congregation related to social impact issues and opportunities.

Vision 2: We invest in our continued growth because we believe the Unitarian Universalist message will bring people to our doors.

Goal 5: Actively encourage continued growth by increasing the church’s visibility and inviting others to experience our church.
Goal 6: Develop the physical, organizational, and leadership capacity to serve 410 members.
Goal 7: Fully fund the annual operating budget, including our UUA/MidAmerica Region fair share, property reserve, and the expanding needs of our growing congregation.

Vision 3: We are a vibrant community where people of all ages and backgrounds feel connected and inspired.

Goal 8: Further enhance our youth program.
Goal 9: Continue to grow our young adult programs.
Goal 10: Enhance lay pastoral ministry programs and resources.
Goal 11: Increase opportunities for members and friends to develop deeper connections with one another.
Goal 12: Enhance opportunities for meaningful worship experiences.