Effective June 7, the church building is open to the congregation for the first time in 14 months! The plan was presented at the May 26 meeting of the board by further discussion with Towards Live Church (TLC) and the Admin Team to reach a final decision by email vote over the Memorial Day weekend. The reopening plan is available on the Members Section of the website or by requesting an email or a print copy from the office.
      The TLC Task Force thanks the congregation for their many contributions over the past 14 months by email and zoom listening sessions, which helped formulate the final plan.
      More detailed information will follow about masking and social distance in any group setting or meeting. Please keep in mind:
     People may have cancer.
     People may have autoimmune diseases or other risks.
     People may have unvaccinated children at home.
     Please may have high-risk loved ones they are protecting.
     Please may have asthma. Wearing a mask can alleviate symptoms.
     Please may be unvaccinated.
     Please be kind.

We look forward to gathering soon for:
     June 3—Reverend Jennifer and the Admin Team will maintain some office hours. Times are listed in this Builder.
    June 7—Small groups can begin meeting indoors at the church. Work with Jan on scheduling as usual.
    June 13—The church picnic will be held at the Herm Farm.
    June 20—The congregation can begin viewing the recorded service in the Sanctuary followed by Coffee Hour.
    July—Reverend Jennifer and her family will be on vacation and the congregation will enjoy a series of guests in the pulpit to be featured in recorded services viewable in the Sanctuary and followed by Coffee Hour. Services remain available online through YouTube, Facebook, and the church website, too.
    August—We start with recorded worship. Late in the month the Tech Team will be “beta  testing” multi-platform Sunday services with Reverend Jennifer to assure quality presentation for all during the regular church year. Be part of the Sunday experiments!
    September 12—Our first fully multi-platform service, live from the Sanctuary!

I know we are all immensely grateful to be coming out of this pandemic. Thank you to the TLC Task Force led by Sarah Allen, which worked so hard to keep us safe.
      We can’t wait to see you all together!
                In peace and love,
                Linda Fairbanks
                Reverend Jennifer Innis