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2.At the Start
Korsak, Mary Phil
3.Beyond Hunger
Beals, Art with Larry Libby
4.Bread Not Stone
Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schussler
7.Good News for Modern Man
American Bible Society
8.Holy Bible in Vietnamese
The United Bible Societies
9.Is the Bible True?
Ord, David Robert & Robert B Coote
Klaber, Florence W
13.Lost Books of the Bible
Hone, William
16.Names of God
Stone, Nathan
17.New Bible Commentary
Guthrie, JA & other Editors from Guideposts
Trigg, Joseph Wilson
22.Peculiar Treasures
Buechner, Frederick
McGee, J Vernon
24.Psalms Now
Brandt, Leslie F
25.Reading the Old Testament
Boadt, Lawrence
26.Search the Scriptures
Greenblatt, Dr Robert B
27.Story of the Bible World
Keyes, Nelson Beecher
28.Studies In the Old Testament
Morgan, Charles Herbert
29.Ten Commandments Twice Removed
Shelton, Danny and Shelley Quinn
31.The Abington Bible Commentary
Eiselen, Frederick C & other Editors
32.The Bible and the Stars
Heline, Corinne
33.The Bible As History
Keller, Werner
34.The Bible Unearthed
Finkelstein, Israel & Neil Asher Silberman
35.The Bible: Medicine & Myth
Davies, Margaret Lloyd
36.The Book of Mormon
Smith, Joseph (translator)
39.The Enjoyment of Scripture
Sandmel, Samuel
42.The Jefferson Bible
Jefferson, Thomas
45.The New Testament in Modern English
Phillips, J B(Translated by)
46.The Old Testament Speaks
Schultz, Samuel J
49.The Story of the Bible
Bowie, Walter Russell
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