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This is a Searchable Database of the Books that the UU Library has to lend.

  1. Search for a book by Title, Author or Keyword
  2. When you find a Book, Email or Call Ruth Rademacker at 309-202-0506 to check if it’s available
  3. Arrange a Time with Ruth to exchange the books

Search Results:

25 Items Matched.
Slesin, Suzanne & Emily Gwathmey
Gealy, Fred D
4.Christmas Carols
Weller, Shane, Ed
5.Dances of Universal Peace III
Sufi Islamia/Prophecy Publ
6.Evening Tide
Tarbox, Elizabeth
7.God (a play)
Allen, Woody
Cotner, June
Kuhn, Dr Alvin B
10.Into the Garden
Hass, RobertEd
Terry, Rod
12.Life Prayers
Roberts, Elizabeth
13.Longing of the Heart
Carnes, Rev Paul N
15.Thank You For This Food
O’Neal, Debbie
17.The Complete Kwanzaa
Riley, Dorothy Winbush
18.The Grandmother of Time
Budapest, Zsuzsanna E
19.The Joy of Ritual
Biziou, Barbara
20.The Rites of Passage
Van Gennep, Arnold
21.The Wedding Book
22.To Bless the Space Between Us
O’Donohue, John
23.Tree and Jubilee
Crosby, Greta W
24.Wedding From the Heart
Kingman, Daphne