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This is a Searchable Database of the Books that the UU Library has to lend.

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  2. When you find a Book, Email or Call Ruth Rademacker at 309-202-0506 to check if it’s available
  3. Arrange a Time with Ruth to exchange the books

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39 Items Matched.
1.Beginnings: Earth Sky, Life, Death
Fahs, Sophia & Dorothy T Spoerl
2.Black Elk Speaks
Neihardt, John G Flaming Rainbow
4.Celebrating the Great Mother
Johnson, Cait & Maura D Shaw
5.Circle Round
Starhawk, Diane Baker, Annie Hill
7.earth bound
Nelson, Brian
8.Earth Prayers From Around the World
Roberts, Elizabeth & Elias Amidon Editors
9.Giving Thanks
Swamp, Chief Jake
10.God is Red
Deloria, Jr, Vine
Brown Jr,Tom
12.Grandmothers of the Light
Allen, Paula Gunn
14.Honoring in a good way
Danner, Adam
15.Honoring the Earth
Roberts, Elizabeth & Elias Amidon Editors
17.Last Standing Woman
LaDuke, Winona
19.Medicine Woman
Andrews, Lynn V
20.Mother Earth Spirituality
McGaa, Ed Eagle Man
21.Rainbow Nation Without Borders
Buenfil, Alberto Ruz
22.Sacred Land Sacred View
McPherson, Robert S
28.Shape Shifters
Jamal, Michele
29.Spirit Song
Summer Rain, Mary
30.Star Woman
Andrews, Lynn V
32.The Circle is Sacred
Lee, Scout Cloud Ed
33.The Mythology of Native North America
Leeming, David & Jake Page
34.The Sacred Hoop
Broder, Bill
35.This Sacred Earth
Cottlieb, Roger S, Ed
36.Voices of Earth and Sky
Brown, Vinson
38.Wheels of Light
Bruyere, Rosalyn L
39.White Wolf Woman
Pijoan, Teresa (Collected and Retold by her)