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This is a Searchable Database of the Books that the UU Library has to lend.

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  2. When you find a Book, Email or Call Ruth Rademacker at 309-202-0506 to check if it’s available
  3. Arrange a Time with Ruth to exchange the books

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35 Items Matched.
1.A Century of Dishonor
Jackson, Helen
2.A History of Pagan Europe
Jones, Prudence
3.A History of Private Life
Aries, Philippe & Georges Duby, Ed’s
5.American Immigration
Gerber, David A
6.Archaeologia MVNDI Crete
Platon, Nicolas
7.Bible and Sword
Tuchman, Barbara W
8.Church and State in American History
Wilson, John F & D Drakeman, Ed
11.Forbidden Knowledge
Shattauck, Roger
14.Hard Times
Terkel, Studs
15.Heroes of History
Durant, Will
16.In the Jaws of the Dragon
Fingleton, Eamonn
17.Indian Givers
Weatherford, Jack
Burns, James MacGregor
20.Ritual, Politics, & Power
Kertzer, David L
22.Signing Their Rights Away
Kurnan, Denise & J D’Agnese
23.Taking Charge
Beschloss, Michael R Ed
24.Team of Rivals
Goodwin, Doris Kearns
25.The Ancient World i
Swain, Joseph W
26.The Ancient World: to 300 AD
Alexander, Paul J Ed
27.The Anvil of Civilization
Cottrell, Leonard
28.The Bull of MInos
Cottrell, Leonard
30.The Lessons of History
Durant, Will & Ariel
32.The Navajo Code Talkers
Paul, Doris A
33.The Origin of Humankind
Leakey, Richard
35.The Spirit of Liberty
Hand, Learned