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1.100 Women Of the Year
Time Magazine March 16, 2020
2.A book about men
Bly, Robert Iron John
3.A Father’s Book of Wisdom
Brown, H Jackson Jr
Sproul, RC
6.Abortion Rights and Fetal “Personhood”
Doerr, Edd & James W Prescott, Ed
8.And Then She Said
Zahniser, JD
10.Back Off!
Langelan, Martha J
11.Becoming a Man
Monette, Paul
12.Boys Should Be Boys
Meeker, Meg, MD
Owen-Towle, Tom
14.But SHE Said
Fiorenza, Elisabeth S
15.Casanova Complex
Trachtenberg, Peter
18.Cries of the Spirit
Sewell, Marilyn Ed
19.Crossing the Bridge
Kiepenheuer, Kasper
20.Dear Dad
Webster, Doug
21.defending ourselves
Wiseman, Rosalind
22.Dilemmas of a Double Life
Kaltreider, Nancy B Ed
23.Failure is Impossible
Sherr, Lynn
Towle, Alexandra, Ed
25.Fire in the Belly
Keen, Sam
26.For Her Own Good
Ehrenreich, Barbara & Deirdre English
28.Gaia & God
Ruether, Rosemary Radford
29.Gift of a Lifetime
Stanford, Barbara
30.God on a Harley
Brady, Joan
31.Goddesses I
Mascetti, Manuela D
32.Goddesses In Older Women
Bolen, Dr Jean Shinoda
34.Hard Choices
Gerson, Kathleen
35.Havana Real
Sanchez, Yoani
Johnson, Robert A
37.Her Blood is Gold
Owen, Lara
39.In Memory of Her
Fiorenza, Elisabeth S
40.In the Company of Men
Allen, Marvin
42.Magic & Mystery of Menstruation
Francia, Luisa Dragontime
43.Maria or the Wrongs of Woman
Wollstonecraft, Mary
44.Men In Therapy
Meth, Richard L
45.Men’s Work
Kivel, Paul
Schaffer, Rudolph
47.Moving Beyond Words
Steinem, Gloria
48.Myths of Gende
Fausto-Sterling, Anne
49.new men; deeper hungers
Owen, Towle, Tom
50.No More Frogs to Kiss
Godfrey, Joline
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