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This is a Searchable Database of the Books that the UU Library has to lend.

  1. Search for a book by Title, Author or Keyword
  2. When you find a Book, Email or Call Ruth Rademacker at 309-202-0506 to check if it’s available
  3. Arrange a Time with Ruth to exchange the books

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35 Items Matched.
3.A Green Sound
Lach, William
4.Beast or Angel?
Dubos, Rene
5.Billions & Billions
Sagan, Carl
7.Diet for a Small Planet
Lappe’, Frances Moore
10.Evolution Deceit
Yahya, Harun
11.Evolution’s Arrow
Stewart, John
12.Experiences With Living Things
Wensberg, Katherine
14.Guns, Germs, and Steel
Diamond, Jared
15.Hot, Flat, and Crowded
Friedman, Thomas L
16.Hothouse Earth
Gribbin, John
17.inconspicuous consumption
schlossberg, tatiana
18.Lessons of the Rainforest
Head, Suzanne & Robert Heinzman, Editors
19.Man and Nature
Kiely, Robert
20.Nuclear Evolution
Hill, Christopher
21.Our Earth, Ourselves
Caplan, Ruth
22.Outgrowing the Earth
Brown, Lester R
23.Save Our Planet
MacEachern, Diane
24.Secrets of the Soil
Thompkins, Peter & Christopher Bird
25.Spirit and Nature
Rockefeller, Steven C & John C Elder Editors
26.The Ages of Gaia
Lovelock, James
27.The Last Three Minutes
Davies, Paul
28.The Limits to Growth
Meadows, Donella H
29.The Milk Book
Douglas, William C MD
30.The Moral Landscape
Harris, Sam
31.The Next One Hundred Years
Weiner, Jonathan
32.The Path
Raymo, Chet
33.Turtle Rescue
Hickman, Pamela
Siminoff, Bruce G