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3.A History of God
Armstrong, Karen
4.A Natural Theology For Our Time
Hartshorne, Charles
6.A Religion of Realities
Patton, Kenneth L
8.American Destiny
Davies, A Powell
9.An Examined Faith
Adams, James Luther
10.Answers to the Cultist
Passantino, Robert & Gretchen
15.Care of the Soul
Moore, Thomas
16.Conversations With God
Walsch, Neale Donald
17.Critique By Eternity
Brinton, Howard H
18.Encountering God
Eck, Diana L
19.Eternal Hostility
Clarkson, Frederick
21.God Has Spoken Again
Summers, Marshall Vian
22.God is Not Great
Hitchens, Christopher
23.God: a Biography
Miles, Jack
24.God’s Problem
Ehrman, Bart D
25.How We Believe
Shermer, Michael
26.Hymn of the Universe
de Chardin, Pierre Teilhard
27.If God is Love
Gulley, Philip
28.Living Faith
Carter, Jimmy
29.Losing Faith in Faith
Barker, Dan
30.Medieval Thought
Leff, Gordon
Hewett, Phillip
32.Regarding Religious Education
Cove, Mary & M Mueller
33.Religion and Personality
Van Kaam, Adrian
34.Religion and Science
Russell, Bertrand
Hambrick, Charles, Editor with others
McGee, Ratha D
39.Thank God for Evolution
Dowd, Michael
41.The Battle for God
Armstrong, Karen
42.The Book of God
45.The Coming United Religions
Swing, Bishop William E
46.The Disappearance of God
Friedman, Richard Elliott
47.The End of Faith
Harris, Sam
48.The Eternal Now
Tillich, Paul
49.The Future of God
Braaten, Carl E
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