Rev. Dave Clements

Interim Minister

Rev. Dave Clements began serving as our interim minister in February 2019. In addition to performing ministerial duties, his role is to help the congregation reflect on the past, present, and future as we make the transition to our next settled minister. Prior to becoming a minister, Dave earned MA and MBA degrees in organizational development and business, worked in sales and marketing, and owned a fundraising consulting business. His mother was Jewish and his father was Catholic, so he was exposed to two religious practices before joining a Unitarian church in later life.

After being active in the church in various roles, Dave enrolled in Meadville Lombard Theological School. During his studies, he served as a chaplain at a VA hospital in Cleveland and an intern minister at a church in Kent, Ohio. He received a Master of Divinity degree in 2017 and was ordained in the same year. Before coming to Peoria, Rev. Dave served as interim minister at Cape Town Unitarian Church in South Africa.

“To me, ministry is a daily learning and growing experience. The role of minister is a role I embrace, knowing that it is an ever-learning experience and that most of the lessons I receive come from working with the members of the congregation that I am called to serve.” — Rev. Dave Clements