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1.7 Kinds of Smart
Armstrong, Thomas
2.A Vision of the Future
Adler, Mortimer J
3.Adventures in Genius
Durant, Will
5.An Outline of Philosophy
Russell, Bertrand
Ross, WD
7.Cultural Literacy
Hirsch, ED Jr
8.Equations of Eternity
Darling, David
Solomon, Robert C Ed
13.Great Companions
Leavens, Robert F
14.Huxley and God
Huxley, Aldous
15.I Dare You!
Danforth, William H
16.Interpretations of Lif
Durant, Ariel and Will
18.Introduction to Philosophy
Stroll, Avrum & Popkin
19.Knowledge and Belief
Griffiths, A Phillips, Ed
20.Moral MInds
Hauser, Marc D
21.Nicomachean Ethics
24.On the Meaning of Life
Durant, Will
25.Pulling Your Own Strings
Dyer, Dr Wayne
26.Social Contact
Barker, Ernest, Intro
27.Socrates to Sartre
Stumpf, Samuel
28.Ten Philosophical Mistakes
Adler, Mortimer J
29.The Age of Reason
Paine, Thomas
31.The Bell Curve
Herrnstein, Richard J and Charles Murray
32.The Courage To Be
Tillich, Paul
36.The Illusion of Immortality
Lamont, Corliss
37.The Moral Anima
Wright, Robert
39.The Pendle Hill Reader
Maurer, Herrymon, Ed
40.The Philosophy of Civilization
Schweitzer, Albert
43.The Philosophy of Nietzsche
Nietzsche Friedrich,
44.The Positive Thinkers
Meyer, Donald
45.The Practice of Philosophy
Rosenberg, Jay F
46.The Republic
50.The Worldly Philosopher
Heilbroner, Robert L
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